August 2, 2020

Are You Interested in Building an Eco-Friendly Custom Home?

At BIOTEKT, we believe the future of home-building outside of urban areas is in earth-homes that are integrated with their natural surroundings. We manufacture bio-architecture with BIOTEKT to create sustainable homes made from the same high-tech materials as those used to build the US space shuttles. The end results are stunning energy efficient earth-sheltered homes which are unique, and which can be designed to suit the home buyer’s needs.

Our homes have been described as looking similar to those of the Hobbits in Lord of the Rings. That is because our modular panels have been designed to be covered with earth and vegetation which results in homes with lower maintenance and lower energy costs.


Homes built with our BIOTEKT panels are not much different in overall costs from other custom home builds. In fact, they may be slightly higher in cost due to the architectural challenges of dealing with curved panels.  In addition, shipping the panels internationally is a cost that needs to be factored in, as all our product is currently manufactured in Columbia, Latin America. Soon, we will have manufacturing capability in Romania to serve the European market. While BIOTEKT homes are not inexpensive to build, they provide savings going forward in the form of lower heating and cooling costs.

We use a modular construction system with panels manufactured with composites of recycled materials which are highly durable. These panels can be assembled to create earth sheltered custom homes or structures for commercial uses.


As an international manufacturer, BIOTEKT now has distributors in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Romania. We design and fabricate the panels, then ship them to the homeowner/builder. The homeowner will need to engage the services of a local architect and a construction company to pour the foundation, assemble the panels, build, and finish the home onsite. Permits, and meeting local building codes are the responsibility of the local professionals and contractors. Though we are not directly involved with the actual builds of homes using our product, we can provide consulting services and recommendations to assist local architects and builders with our knowledge of how to achieve the best desired result, a nature immersed residential home or commercial building.  Our 10-year warranty for the quality and integrity of the materials and against manufacturing defects is contingent upon the builder following our detailed manual of manufacturer’s installation instructions.

If you are exploring the idea of building a unique, eco-friendly home or commercial building, you will want to learn more about what we do. Our products’ materials, design, and manufacturing are all done to support environmentally conscious and sustainable goals. Currently, a build of agricultural EcoSpheres using BIOTEKT is underway in Florida to create a vegan Eco Farm. Several homes have been built in the US with our products and also an eco-spa in

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