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Palmyra, Virginia, USA

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"Caring For Creatures, located on 157 acres in central Virginia, provides a safe refuge for dogs and cats with no other place to go.  Once an animal comes to the sanctuary, we commit to that animal for their entire life, if needed.  Our hope is that we are only a stop on their journey to a loving forever home.  If an animal is not selected for  adoption, we provide quality care and companionship for them as lifetime residents".

About the project…

Custom designed by award winning EcoArchitect Fred Oesch of Oesch Environmental Design, this project features state-of-the-art modular Earth Sheltered construction.

Caring For Creatures

Vision & Master Plan – Facility Structures

New Biotekt Dog Boarding Facilities

  • Smaller buildings with capacity of approximately 12-15 dogs each to keep stress at a minimum.
  • “Safe” zone between kennels and the central kitchen/general areas.
  • Buildings will house similar aged dogs with one building to provide space for older dogs and moms with litters and puppies without moms.
  • Each building will be self-contained and include: environmentally friendly materials and heating/cooling systems, good natural light for dog and general areas, noise reduction construction, spacious living space for dogs with access to outside fenced area, kitchen with storage for food and other supplies, laundry and dog bath area, bathroom w/shower, meet and greet room for potential adopters [ideally would include access to a small fenced area].  Secured entry, i.e., double doors to prevent escape artist dogs!  This meet and greet room could be used for staff or visiting interns for overnight stays if we outfit it with a futon or one of those beds that pull out from the wall.  Heated flooring??  Materials used in dog areas need to be easy to clean/disinfect and not easily chewed.
  • Dog play yards will be accessed from the inside living area via a doggie door and have a regular sized door access for humans. This area will provide escape-proof fencing, protection from sun and precipitation, areas for digging, exterior gate entrance.
  • Inside finishing to be designed for the comfort of the dogs and for ease in cleaning/disinfecting by the staff.
  • Building will have strategically placed water hydrants for filling kiddie pools in outside areas.

Fred Oesch

- Architect & Project Director -

Oesch Environmental Design

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