July 27, 2021

Do you want to have a house of your own in a natural environment?

Do you want to have a comfortable house of your own in a natural environment? Biotekt helps you make your dreams come true!

*You really want this because you love freedom and even more so you want this because:

You have the land but you don’t have the house yet. And this is exactly what you want:
*A house built to suit your taste, made from sustainable materials and placed in a green environment, peaceful and surrounded by nature, plants, trees and animals.

*You’re fed up with the long distance between you and the green scenery you’re usually visiting.

*The traditional available housing materials are bricks, concrete or steel. You don’t want these materials around you because they aren’t as eco-friendly as you would want.

*The unstable thermic comfort gives you a headache: it`s either way too hot or way too cold.

*You like arched ceilings and you want them in your house but they are very difficult to make with traditional materials

*Deforestation, pollution, floods, extended fire on large areas… All these are the consequences of the current global misbalance and what you want is to help contribute to a healthier environment by choosing a house that’s more eco-frienly.

Mediocrity and the typical ways of life aren’t for you as you are a visionary and you see and feel the future differently:

It`s a future that brings together all the benefits of living close to nature.

You love the unconventional way of life and even more so a lifestyle that includes environmental solutions, solutions that allow you to live life on your terms but at the same time these are solutions that support the preservation of the planet, of the animals and plants.

As such, it is just normal to want a house that:

💚 Offers you all the comfort specific to the 21st century, a house that is surrounded by greenery, far away from noise and civilization and where you can do your quiet meditation or yoga sessions

💚 Has a roof on which you can grow organic green salad, vegetables and fruits (strawberry, for example) or you can play with kids and your pets

💚 Has an arched ceiling that gives you a nice and cozy larger dimension and a well-being feeling; a house that allows you to feel the green grass the moment you stepped outside

It`s an image that appears often in your mind and you’ve been dreaming about it for a long time.

It is clear now that this is what you want and you are 100% decided to do this but you don’t know or have any details or information, and all that is known to you is the image of this house that you want for you and your family… 

Where to start? Who can you contact and who can help you build this ideal house? - The solution is called Biotekt! Biotekt USA LLC is an American company that designs custom houses – (like the prototypes presented in the design section of their website) manufactures the shells - panels for the eco-friendly Biotekt house.

Biotekt mission

To provide sustainable, nature immersed, 21st century smart living systems through bio-architecture, integrating humanity and the environment by reducing its visible footprint on the planet.

What kind of house systems does Biotekt suggest?

Houses built from recycled materials that will last for centuries to come, supporting this way the environment and reducing the negative consequences upon the planet.

As such, we are talking about houses that have:

💚 Access to the rooftop garden

💚 Green footprint as opposed to the grey concrete

💚 Earth berm around and soil on top of the house, this will stabilize the temperature inside and is a support structure for your garden of flowers, vegetables, fruits or simply green grass.

💚 Beautifully arched ceilings

💚 Investment – compared to the traditional methods of building, the Biotekt house might have a similar cost; may present lesser or bigger cost based on the overall features as required by the client.

💚 Construction time frame – this depends on so many factors like design time, ordering time, construction time for foundations, interior and exterior finishing, utilities, etc. While the shell can be indeed installed in just a few days, the other design / construction activities may take a few good weeks, likely months.

Do you have any questions or want to find out how you can start the process of building a Biotekt house? Write to us or fill in this contact sheet and we will get back to you within maximum 48h.

Talk to you next time,

The Biotekt Team

 PS. Except for a few specific features, the construction of a Biotekt house requires the same process as with any other house:

👉Project Design


👉Execution – Digging


                        -Installing the Biotekt shields



 🎯We strongly recommend that you contract a skillful architect or civil engineer to manage local design and construction, to obtain the proper permits, etc.   

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