July 27, 2021

You`re already a successful architect or engineer that loves nature and green spaces. Would you rather build eco-friendly houses?

You are a pro, an architect or engineer who loves his profession.

This is the reason why you chose this path: Your dream is to build, and it’s always been like this even as a little child. Your passion to create outstanding living spaces surfaces from your desire to do things as best as you can and to give people access to their dream house which seems almost impossible.

And it`s not any kind of house - It’s a different kind of house, a house that creates a harmonious bridge between man and nature – and it`s precisely what brings you and the person you want to help together.

So you’ve started on this journey - You’ve done everything there was to be done, you’ve learned, you prepared yourself and you’ve gained lots of experience, completed successfully many projects that included building houses with the traditional materials. And it was alright; you’ve grown in your own eyes completing these projects one by one.

And yet, from this success in itself came to the surface the intention of doing things in a different manner, of building houses in a better way using more sustainable – eco friendly materials, as this is an important part for you and the community. You love nature, you love animals and you want to contribute to the efforts to build houses in ways that don’t harm the planet.

As a matter of fact, it affects you tremendously when you hear or read that:

💔 Large portions of forests are being cut daily.

💔 The marine life and everything in it are in decline because of the climate change.

💔 The man-made pollution is one of the causes of global warming.

💔 Many animals and plants are facing the danger of going extinct or have already disappeared.

💔 There are frequent landslides and floods in many parts of the world, and this is destroying the soil and shatters unnecessarily the lives of affected people.

As such, the desire of building eco-friendly housing using bio-architecture and bio-engineering is there – this is clear as day light - but what`s missing is for you to become a specialist in this field.

If only you could partner up with a business or company of this sort and grant you, this way, your desired outcome:

To be an architect or engineer who specializes in building eco-friendly houses.

This would be indeed your greatest happiness and satisfaction for there both your passion of building houses and the care you have for nature would be combined! What a wonderful reality this would be for you!

You’ve even done some research but you haven’t found anything yet and you’re wondering if there really is such a thing…

And Biotekt is here to tell you that, yes, there is indeed! as the mission and purpose of this company meets hallway what you want:

Building houses using eco-friendly ways, houses that allow people to have all the comfort tailored to the 21 century WITHOUT harming the planet. ✅

Who is Biotekt? 

Biotekt USA LLC is an American company that produces and sells materials for the registered prototype of eco-friendly made Biotekt houses.

Our mission.

To supply solutions for 21 century smart living systems by creating a middle path for nature and mankind, reducing, thus, the negative effects of the human race on the planet.

What kind of house systems does Biotekt suggest?

Houses built from fiber glass and plastic recycled materials that will last for centuries to come, supporting this way the environment and reducing the negative consequences on the planet.

As such, it`s about houses that have:

💚 Access to the garden that is on the rooftop

💚 Green footprint as opposed to the grey concrete

💚 Earth berm around and on top of the house, which also stabilizes the temperature inside and is a support structure for your garden of flowers, vegetables, fruits or simply green grass.

💚 Beautifully arched ceilings

💚 Investment – compared to the traditional methods of building the Biotekt house requires a smaller or bigger investment - based on the demands of the client

💚 Construction time frame – between 6 months or less

It`s what you wanted and what you’ve been waiting for, isnt it?

The first step can be taken. Write to us or fill in this contact sheet and we will get back to you within maximum 48h.

See you next time,

The Biotekt Team

PS. Except for a few specifics, the construction of a Biotekt house requires the same progress activities like for any other house:

👉Project plan

👉Permits / Authorization

👉Execution – Digging


                          -Installation of the Biotekt panels (shell)



BIOTEKT USA, LLC. 6624 Wilson Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33413 USA 

INTERNATIONAL: +1-587-999-1970

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